8.) Submission Materials: Add Headshot

When you are ready to add a new Headshot image (or any other type of image you use to promote yourself) then enter the appropriate image specifics in the 'Add Submission Material' Area.



Add Submission Material Area







Step 1

Upload the image you would like to add to your Submission Materials section!


Click on the 'Browse...' button to locate the image file on your computer's hard drive. Once you locate it, simply click the 'Save' button to upload the image!


If you don't have the image available yet to upload, no problem! You can always upload the picture later when you have it available. Simply continue on to Step 2!


PerformerTrack supports .jpg, .gif or .png files only! Also, your image file must not be any larger than 150k.



Don't worry if you don't know how to resize your images so that they are less then 150K in file size - we will resize them for you for free!

Simply send each image individually to us at support@PerformerTrack.com and we will send them back to you right away perfectly sized to upload into your PerformerTrack account!


Step 2

Now, you must assign a Material Name to your image.



Use a Material Name that will distinguish it from the rest of your Headshots/Promo Images.  Don't just name a headshot "Smiling Picture" - try being specific by describing the clothes you are wearing (i.e. "Cranberry  Shirt") or by character type (i.e. - "Young Detective") - this will help you better identify your Headshots/Promo Images as your Submission Materials section grows.

Step 3

Next is the "Notes" field box. Not necessary, but If you want, enter any kind of Notes about your image (i.e. - where it was taken, time of day, what happened during the shoot, etc.), do so here.


Step 4

PerformerTrack has a pre-defined drop down menu of Material Types for you to choose from to assign to your image.  Choose one of the following that best suits your picture:



Step 5



Who was the photographer who took the picture? Enter that person in the "Shot/Created By" drop down menu.

To add a new Contact to the drop down menu simply click the Add Button. This will launch the Add Contact pop-up window.


The Contact you add will bridge over and automatically appear as a Contact in your Contacts Section! This will save you a ton of time as you do not have to manually enter her or him again in the Contacts section ~ the work is done for you! Can you say, "Thank you PerformerTrack!!!"?!


Step 6



To enter the Date Shot easily, you can click on the Calendar Button next to the Date Shot/Created field box to launch the pop-up Calendar Picker.


Step 7

Simply click the 'Save' button to upload the image!

Step 8

Repeat Steps 1 through 7 until each Headshot or Promo Image you currently have in circulation is added.





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