Calendar: iCal Feed

What is an iCal Feed?

The iCal Feed is a great way to have your PerformerTrack Calendar information appear in other external calendar apps, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and Apple iCal. An iCal Feed is essentially nothing more than a web address, or URL. By copying the unique URL generated by PerformerTrack you can use it to “subscribe/join” your PerformerTrack Calendar to an outside calendar app of your choice!


How to generate your PerformerTrack iCal Feed Url:

STEP 1) Go to the CALENDAR SECTION in your PerformerTrack account

STEP 2) Click on the "iCal Feed" button (located on the right-side of the screen)



STEP 3) In the pop-up window Click on the "ENABLE iCalendar" link


STEP 4) Highlight and copy the unique URL link (it will also be e-mailed to you for your convenience).


STEP 5) You can now use the copied URL to "subscribe/join" your PerformerTrack Calendar to an outside calendar app of your choice! Follow the convenient links below to see how to do it

If you do not see the Calendar App that you use listed below... simply go to Google and perform a search for "subscribe to iCal Feed + (name of calendar app)".

If you still need help - just contact us at


How to subscribe your PerformerTrack iCal Feed to:

Google Calendar

Yahoo Calendar

Apple iCal



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