Contacts: Google Search Company Name

There is a convenient way for you to quickly search a Company Name with a Google search icon next to the Company Name field box in the Contact Details page.

Why is This Important?
Well, for starters it's good to know what people are saying about this company. When looking through the Google search results are there a lot of people praising the Company or calling them a scam?

Also, it's very helpful when trying to complete a Contact's Name. For example, let's say you met someone who worked for "XYZ Talent Agency" but you only got their first name "Jane". A quick and easy way to solve the mystery of what their last name is is to do a Google search for their "Company Name" and then then add + "First Name". Like this:

"XYZ Talent Agency" + "Jane"

You will most likely find their last name appear in the Google search through a Company Directory, Blog Post, LinkedIn listing, etc. At that point you may even find out other Important Details such as their E-Mail Address, Phone Numbers, Social Site Links, etc.

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