Contacts: Google Alerts

Stay on top of what your contacts are up to by utilizing Google Alerts in PerformerTrack!

In every Contact Details page are two very important buttons:

Google Alert Name & Google Alert Company

What Are Google Alerts?
Google Alerts are e-mails sent to your inbox when Google finds any new information written/talked about on the web regarding what it is you have set as an "Alert". Google will tirelessly scour and monitor web pages, newspaper articles, discussions, video, or blogs for anything that matches your search term. This is a powerful tool!

How It Works:
Depending on the button you click a new browser window will launch directly to the Google Alert page with either the Contact Name or Company Name already entered in the "Search Query" field box for you. All you have to do is select how often you want to be notified and enter your e-mail address. Then you are all set!

Example Uses:

Find out what is being said about a Production Company.
Monitor developing news stories about a Production.
Keep up-to-date on a Casting Director and the
  Projects they are currently working on.
Get the latest news on a Writer, Director or Producer
  you wish to work with.
The possibilities are endless!

Here's a Good Idea...
Create a Google Alert for your own name. It is very important to see what others are saying about you.

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