Search in PerformerTrack?

Did you know you can quickly find what you are looking for in PerformerTrack by searching for it? Every browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) has a built-in “Find” feature! Let it do the looking for you!

STEP 1) Pop open your browser’s “Find Feature”.
To do this is different depending if you use a Windows computer, or a Mac computer. Here's how...



The "Find Box"
In your browser’s “Find Box” enter the word you are looking for (in most cases you only need to enter the first 3 or 4 letters of the word).


STEP 3) The "Next" Button
Click on the "Find" button once or twice: your computer will automatically locate and highlight the word you are looking for. Each additional time you click on "Find" you will be brought to the word again.



Great uses for using the "Find Feature" in PerformerTrack are…

“Auditions & Interviews” Section
Need to find a Project quickly? Simply do a search for the Project’s Title when you are in the “Auditions & Interview” section.

“Booked Projects” Section
Find that “Booked Project” fast! Search for either the Project Title, Project Type, Project Details or Role Type.

Quickly jump to a contact you are looking for by searching for the Contact’s “First Name”, “Last Name”, or “Company Name” – Easy!

“Expenses” Section
No need to scour every Expense line item! Search for the “Date”, “Payee/Purpose”,  or the “Amount” to find what you are looking for!


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