Track Submissions: For Representation

Are you submitting to Agencies/Management Companies seeking representation? Do you want to track these submissions, your follow-ups and what their responses are!


With PerformerTrack it's easy!

To Track Submissions For Representation do the following:

STEP 1) Click to the "Contacts" section

STEP 2) Add the Agent/Manager who you are submitting to as a Contact

STEP 3) Once you are inside inside that Contact's Contact Page you may want to further specify who this Contact is by associating a "Contact Type (Secondary)" to them.

For example: "Target List Agents", "Target List Managers", "Target List Commercial Agents", etc..

This will allow you to do a Search easily in the future of your Contacts who happen to be Agents/Managers in a specific "Type (Secondary)" list you are targeting or submitting to so that you can do a Targeted Mailing, E-Mail Send, etc..

STEP 4) In the lower right-hand corner of the Contact Page click on the "Add Appointment" button


STEP 5) Add an Appointment with the "Appointment Type" set to "Submission" that specifies when you Submitted, what you Submitted, how You Submitted, etc.. (Hint: If you sent a cover letter why not Copy the text of that cover letter and Paste it in the "Notes" area!)

STEP 6) When you SAVE the Appointment the details of that appointment automatically are sent to your Calendar Section and that Contact's History Folder. Isn't that cool?!?!?

STEP 7) After you finished creating the "Submission" as an appointment, why not add a new Appointment to Schedule a Follow-Up in 3-6 Weeks?!


That's it!

PerformerTrack's Contact section will really keep you on top of who you are submitting to, what you are submitting and scheduling timely follow-ups!


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