Booked Projects: Appointment Phases


Every Booked Project, regardless if it is a Booking or Direct Booking, allows you to log, track and manage the same information. 

Let's explore the Appointment Phases of a Booked Project!


Every Booked Project has 3 distinct appointment phases. Simply click on the appropriate link found under "Enter Details For" to access that project's Pre-Project, The Project or Post-Project areas. :

This area is for scheduling pre-production appointments such as "Blockings", "Rehearsals", "Table Reads", "Wardrobe Fittings", etc.

The Project:
This area is for scheduling appointments during a project's production phase like "Call Times", "Gigs", "Recording Sessions", etc.

This area allows you to schedule appointments for the project after the production is over such as "Air-Dates", "Follow-Ups", "Payment Expected Dates", "Release Dates", "Screenings", etc.


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