Place My Representatives In Departments (i.e. - Commercial, Theatrical, Print, etc.)

If you would like to put your Representative in a specific Department (i.e. - Commercial, Theatrical, Print, etc.) simply do the following:


Step 1


Access the My Reps screen by going to the Top Toolbar and selecting:
Logs > Essentials Log > My Reps





Step 2

Click the Edit Icon next to the Rep Company Name to open the Rep Company Details Screen .



Step 3


Once you are in the Rep Company Details Screen click the Edit Icon next to the Representative's  Name to launch the Representative Details pop-up window.




Step 4

In the Representative Details pop-up window...


RepDetails-Susan.gif from Department drop down menu the specific Department the Representative works in within the Rep Company.





Click the Add Icon next to the Department drop down menu to launch the Department pop-up window. Here is where you can add a Department Type that will from now on appear in the Department drop down menu to make for faster logging in the future!


Step 5

Click the “Update” button and close the 

 Representative Details pop-up window.



Step 6

Repeat Steps 3 through 5 to put all Representatives in their specific Departments.


That's it! 

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