iPhone / iPad / iPod Web Clip

Web Clips are one-tap shortcuts from your home screen to your favorite iPhone, iPad & iPod touch web apps. You could also call them 'home screen bookmarks'.



Adding a Web Clip to your home screen is pretty much the same as adding a bookmark to Mobile Safari. Simply visit PerformerTrack's "Member Login" page at https://www.performertrack.com/home/login on Mobile Safari, zoom in on the page as needed, and then then tap the "arrow" icon (see the red circle below)::




By the way the Web Clip remembers the page location and zoom level that was used when the "Arrow" button was pressed! Pretty cool, huh?!

Next, tap Add to Home Screen button:


Give it a second to load the fancy PerformerTrack Web Clip icon (otherwise it will just be a snapshot of the web page... yuck, that's not what you want!)

iPhone application and Web Clip icons tend to have short names, so just name this icon PerformerTrack:


Finally tap Add, and you'll be taken back to your home screen where the Web Clip icon will appear:



That’s it!
Now you can tap the icon to be instantly taken to your PerformerTrack account!



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