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The mileage you drive to and from business-related appointments (i.e. Auditions, Interviews, Callbacks, Classes, etc.) may be tax deductible!  PerformerTrack can automatically calculate what your mileage is worth! In order to do this you must load up key mileage information.


In the United States there is a Cost Per Mile deduction allowed for the mileage you incur for not only Business Miles but for Medical, Moving & Charity Miles as well.


Since we have users all over the world we can't stick everyone with the United States Mileage Rates. So, if you live in the U.S., you must tell PerformerTrack how much Mileage is worth. PerformerTrack will then be able to calculate your Mileage correctly when you add Mileage as an expense in PerformerTrack's Expenses section.


If you are outside of the United States and you are unsure what your Mileage Rates are then consult a trusted tax adviser. You may need to only tally the raw number of miles/kilometers you drive. Not to worry! PerformerTrack will give you the total of Miles/Kilometers you drove when you run an Expense Report (just make sure you every time you incur business Mileage you enter it in as an Expense under the Expense Type "Mileage" .   




To update the Cost Per Mile/Kilometer Preferences simply do the following:


Go to the Top Toolbar and select My Account > Preferences > Mileage Rates




Click the Mileage Rates Tab located on the right-side of the Log
to open the Cost Per Mile/Kilometer Preferences screen.



Cost Per Mile/Kilometer Preferences Screen





Step 1

Click on the “Add New Mi/KM Rates” button.


Step 2



Enter the correct Mileage Rate information. 

To enter the Start Date and End Date easily, you can click on the Calendar Icon next to each of the field boxes to launch the pop-up Calendar Picker. This will make sure you enter the dates in the proper date format (MM/DD/YYYY)

If you reside in the United States then click on the
Click Here for a list of “U.S.A. Mileage Rates” link
(this will be a big help when entering information!).




You only have to enter Mileage Rate information for the date ranges you think you may enter Mileage for into PerformerTrack.
For example, if you are planning to only enter Mileage information into PerformerTrack from the year 2019 onward, then you only need to Enter the correct Mileage Rate(s) that apply to 01/01/2019 12/31/2019


Step 3

Click the "Submit" button. You will now see the Mileage Rates for the date range you just entered!


Step 4

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 until all date ranges you wish to enter are completed.


That's it!


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