Does PerformerTrack Update The Changing U.S. Mileage Rates For Me?

The answer is no.  Here's why...

Did you know that PerformerTrack is being used by performers in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Spain, Germany and Japan? More and more performers from around the globe use PerformerTrack as their business tool of choice everyday! Like the United States some of them can deduct mileage... but not at the same rate as the United States.  Therefore we can't just populate the U.S.A. Mileage Rates automatically.
GOOD NEWS!  Updating Mileage Rates is EASY!

We always alert our USA-based performers when the IRS makes an adjustment to the current Mileage Rates. When that happens simply follow these quick & simple steps to Update Mileage Rates!

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