Change PerformerTrack Membership Plan

Would you like to change the length of your PerformerTrack Membership Plan? No problem! Change from your current plan to Monthly, Semi-Annual or Yearly quickly and easily!


To do this you must first shut-off your account's "Auto-Renew" before it auto-renews on its own (you can do this now if you like!).

To shut-off your account's "Auto-Renew" do the following:

STEP 1) Within your PerformerTrack account select My Account > Contact & Billing Info

STEP 2) On the left-hand side of the pop-up window click on "Order History"

STEP 3) Then all the way to the right side of the pop-up window click on the "Change" link

STEP 4) Finally, click the "Yes" button

That's it! When your initial subscription ends...

... and you try to login to your PerformerTrack account you will be presented with your choice of membership plans. At this point you can then select the PerformerTrack Membership Plan you want ("Yearly", "6-Months" or "Monthly") and process your order.


After you purchase the new Membership Plan...
... and you log back in to your PerformerTrack account all of your data will be there, ready and waiting for you!

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