Unblock Pop-Ups (Chrome)

For PerformerTrack to work properly in a few areas (for example to print your Audition Form Pages) you need to allow what ever browser you are using to "Always Allow Pop-Ups for PerformerTrack"

To Unblock Pop-Ups in Chrome do the following:

STEP 1) In the upper-right hand corner of the Chrome browser window click on the CUSTOMIZE & CONTROL ICON (it's 3 horizontal lines)


STEP 2) Select "Settings"

STEP 3) In the "Chrome Settings" window scroll to the very bottom and click on "Show Advanced Settings"

STEP 4) The scroll down some more and under "Privacy" click on the "Content Settings..." button

STEP 5) In the "Content Settings" window scroll down to "Pop-Ups" and click on the "Manage Exceptions..." button

STEP 6) In the "Pop-up Exceptions" window in the field box under "Hostname Pattern" enter: www.performertrack.com

STEP 7) Make sure "Behavior" is set to "Allow"

STEP 8) Click the "Done" button 

STEP 9) Click the "Done" button in the "Content Settings" window

STEP 10) Then close the "Chrome Settings" window

That's it!


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